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Obtaining Probate is necessary when a deceased person owns property, money or shares. In order for the Executors or next of kin to claim, sell, transfer or distribute any of these types of items they must apply for probate.

Once probate is granted, whether that is a Grant of probate or Letters of Administration the appointed person named on the probate would be allowed to deal with the assets.

Part of the probate application is for the person making the application, the Personal Representative (PR), to swear an oath that they will deal with the distribution of the estate according to law. This would also mean they agree to take responsibility for settling estate debts before any estate is distributed.

It is worth noting that a debt cannot be inherited.

Our Research

After extensive research, our team has established the most common reason for property being left empty.  Our research points to the issues surrounding Probate.  In almost all of our cases there is a probate related matter that often needs to be managed correctly and this is where we can help.

  • Lack of awareness and understanding about probate
  • Intestacy (where no will has been left) therefore no final direction from the deceased.
  • Missing family members (missing beneficiaries)
  • Issues surrounding an emotional attachment to the property and inertia around its disposal (such as a childhood home)
  • Finding probate too litigious and complicated in terms of providing paperwork needed
  • General reticence around agreeing to sell the property
  • Family disputes (estranged family members).
  • No knowledge of Inheritance tax and possible future CGT (capital gains tax) liabilities
  • Financial restrictions in legal representation
  • Vulnerable executors and beneficiaries

Let us help 

Through our trained team of researchers and probate advisors we believe that we can assist and help you obtain the necessary grants allowing you to be in a position to sell the property in almost all cases.

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