It's as simple as

Or as we like to say spot it, send it, spend it.

Simply identify an empty or derelict property, visit this website, complete an online form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Click the GET MY £20 button, and you will swiftly be taken through the process of reporting a distressed property. We’ll look into the property you’ve spotted. If it matches our criteria, we’ll let you know and send you a £20 gift voucher.

Then it’s over to our expert research team.

They’ll try to make contact with the owner in order to facilitate buying the property you reported. If we're successful, you will receive 1% of the purchase price. So if the property is purchased for £300,000, you get £3,000.

This won’t always happen, but our experienced researchers have a good success rate. It’s worth remembering this part of the process can take some time. Rest assured, though, we’ll reward you just the same whether it takes us days or months to conclude a purchase.

At the same time as paying you, we’ll also donate £500 to a local charity based in the same borough as the property.

We can also help if you own an empty or dilapidated property.

Give us a call and we may be able to assist you and help bring your property back into use.

As a result of our process, abandoned properties are put back to use, creating homes that contribute to – rather than spoil – their local community.

So get spotting.

The more you report, the more you – and your neighbourhood – could benefit.

My sister mentioned this new initiative/website to me, I have now received 2 vouchers for M&S and continue to walk around with my eyes wide open anything that looks a bit scruffy is being reported who knows I might even do this full time. Top idea.

Mrs Charles - passer by

Treat Yourself

Report a property that meets our criteria and we’ll give you a £20 Amazon or M&S voucher.

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