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Youspotproperty.com is run by Nicholas Kalms and Benjamin Radstone both London residents, Nick and Ben have a real passion for rescuing property, and even more so, helping turn empty and unloved houses back into well-loved homes. They have a strong belief that not enough is being done to get these homes back into use and have created this website to alleviate this ongoing crisis.  Between them they have over 20 years of experience in empty property, and call on a team of specialist researchers to help them track down the owners of derelict and unloved properties.

There are many reasons a property might fall into disuse. Perhaps the owner has gone into care or moved away. Often people find themselves responsible for their childhood home after their parents have passed away. Emotionally attached to the property and possibly facing financial constraints, they might not have decided what to do with the property. Despite their best intentions, it can remain empty and become dilapidated.

In these circumstances, a cash offer aided by YouSpotProperty.com – along with our help in making the process of selling straightforward – can be an attractive solution. Of course not every owner will want to sell their property, but of the properties reported to us, we start a conversation with the owner in about 70% of cases. If it suits them to sell the property, then we can reward the spotter who reported the property to us in the first place.

A great by-product of our business is that empty houses get put back to use. That can give neighbourhoods a boost and cut down on the anti-social activity that accompanies rundown property.We look to complement this local focus by making a donation to a local charity every time we have helped bring a property back into use.

See our testimonials page to read about people’s experiences of our service.

I have been sending property addresses to you spot property and although no deals have been agreed yet, I have to say I have always received my vouchers! For me I think it's so easy and if they end up buying something I refer, it's a bonus. Keep those vouchers coming please!!

Mr G Drewett

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