Why spot a property?

Derelict, empty properties are a tragic waste.

They attract squatters and vandalism, provide refuge for vermin, bring down local property prices, and cultivate weeds and damp – creating problems beyond their own borders.

By reporting rundown, unused properties to us, we can track down the owners and potentially help return them to use.

The government estimates there are over 800,000 empty properties in the UK.

This is unacceptable when there is a nationwide housing crisis. Through our trained team of researchers, we can work with you to convert dilapidated eyesores back in to well-maintained homes. 

From a one-off sighting to regular spotting, every unmodernised ‘empty’ you report could create a positive outcome for you, us and the community.

So keep your eyes peeled, and let us know when you spot a property that’s letting down the area.

I sold my property in Tooting to You Spot Property, the house had fallen into poor condition and I was being threatened with action from the local council. They contacted me about the property and helped with an easy transaction, they even paid my legal fees.

Mrs Wood - property owner

Treat Yourself

Report a property that meets our criteria and we’ll give you a £20 Amazon or M&S voucher.

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